On November 20th, we had a Admin/CM meeting. Here is what we decided.

Purpose of Wiki

This was the main topic. Very important. We wanted to make our wiki unique. Having something that other wikis don't. Here are some things we will add:

  • LOTR/Hobbit MOCs.
  • Reviews for Sets.
  • Info on LEGO LOTR RPs. Specifically, the MB LEGO LOTR RP.
  • Articles on fanfics.
  • Sub-sections on how true to the book minifigs and sets are

Anyone can help with this! :D

Other Topics

  1. Rules. We added Chat rules, but they still need some rewording. The admins will take care of this though.
  2. Improving Front Page - Klintrin is working on this. We want to add links to the members of the Fellowship, and blog links. And a new look, which is what Klint is doing.
  3. Including LEGO Official Descriptions. We decided we are doing this. Anyone can add these. See Óin for an example. has these descriptions.
  4. Redirect Pages. We decided to make redirect pages for sets. So if you type 'Mines of Moria' you'll go to a redirect page that leads you to '(Numbers) Mines of Moria'.
  5. Infoboxes for Sets. We need to make these. We will ask someone with good coding knowledge to make the templates. They'll have pieces, minifigures, price, and set number.
  6. Future Chat meetings. We decided that we would have one per month. Anyone is invited, but Admins and CMs are politely requested to attend if possible. At these meetings we will see how well we are doing on this agenda.
  7. Set Badges. We are going to add set badges, so that if you edit on sets you get certain badges.
  8. Automated welcome message. We talked about changing this to "Welcome to Middle Earth! Thank you for your edit on [insert page name here]! If you need anything, please leave a message on my talk page". I'm not sure who will change this...
  9. New Categories. We are adding: Male/female category. And possibly 'leader' category.
  10. We are goinig to replace "Set Appearances" with "Appearances" due to the fact that the video game is not really a 'set'.

That's all! Discuss in the comments, and feel free to ask any questions!

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