Rohan Soldier
Rohan Soldier
Alignment Protagonist
Race Man
Weapons/Equipment Quiver
Bow and arrow
Dead or Alive Alive
Nationality Rohan
Status Rider of Rohan
A Rohan Soldier is a minifigure released in May 2012 for The Lord of the Rings theme.


The Rohirrim are the soldiers of the Kingdom of Rohan, under the leadership of King Théoden and Eomer. They are famous for not being trained in blocks of troops like ordinary Men, but can fight from all points, as swordsmen, spearmen, archers and cavalry. The Rohirrim are very accurate when throwing spears and a wielding a bow on horseback, and are incredibly skilled horsemen, nicknamed the Riders of Rohan. They come to rescue the heroes at Helm's Deep.

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The Rohan Soldiers maintain a watchful eye on their lands, and are quick to challenge any who dare cross them uninvited. A race of plainsmen, the people of Rohan are known to many as the Rohirrim. The Rohan people breed and trade horses, and the soldiers live their lives on horseback. Always on the move, they inspect and protect the lands.



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