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LORD OF THE RINGS™ Roleplay is a roleplay forum located on the LEGO Message Boards, a interactive site on This roleplay forum is based around the Lord of the Rings LEGO line, as well as Tolkien's books and the films. Roleplay here is part location-based and part topic-based. There are many topics, some only geographical, while others are also factional. The factions are divided by race and location. For example, there are Elf HQs (Head Quarters), but these are divided by location into Rivendell Elf HQ, Lothlorien Elf HQ and Mirkwood Elf HQ. Other races are united, however; such as the dwarves. The Dwarf HQs of The Lonely Mountain and The Mines of Moria, as well as The Iron Hills, are united in one dwarven kindgom ruled by one user.

Of course, none of what goes on is deemed in the least canonical, and things can get quite out of hand.

Major HQsEdit

  • The Lonely Mountain: Dwarf HQ
  • Lothlorien: Elf HQ
  • Minas Morgul: Wraith HQ
  • Mordor: Sauron Army HQ
  • Minas Tirith: Gondorian HQ
  • Roots of the Misty Mountain: Goblin HQ
  • Misty Mountain: Great Eagles HQ
  • The Shire: Hobbit HQ
  • Isengard: Uruk-Hai HQ
  • Helm's Deep: Rohirrim HQ
  • (More to be added)

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