General Rules for Everyone to Follow

  • Personal information is NOT allowed and will NOT be tolerated on this wiki. First names are allowed, but no other personal information. Any personal info will be deleted by the administrators.
  • Bad language of any kind is not allowed or tolerated here. Depending on the severity of the language, a user found to be using bad language will either be temporarily blocked or permanently blocked.
  • Only revert/rollback edits if it is necessary. If you are found to be reverting too many edits, the administrators will warn you.
  • Be kind to the users around you; remember, he/she is a real person and has feelings too.
  • Please do not remove any templates (i.e. "stub," "candidates for deletion") before asking an administrator.
  • Please create relevant articles to LEGO The Lord of the Rings.

Rules for Admins

1- Do not delete an article without discussing it with the other administrators. If you do, the other admins have permission to undelete the article.

2- Do not change the theme colors of the wiki without discussing with the other admins first.

3- Do not restore a a deleted page unless a rule gives you permssion, or the admins have discussed it and given you permission.

4- Do not block a user, temporarily or permanently, unless a user is violating the rules, or if you've discussed it with the other admins.

5- Do not add new rules unless the other admins have agreed upon it.

6- Do not promote any user(s) unless you've discussed it with the other admins/bureaucrat(s).