All these rules apply both to chat, private chat, and to the rest of the LEGO Lord of the Rings Wiki.

1.1 - No bad language, or anything that others may think of as bad language. A warning is not required for kicking or banning if you use profanity.

1.2 - No bullying, threatening, or teasing others.

1.3 - No adding stars (*****) or other common forms of blocking words. If you do, we will assume you were using bad language.

1.4– No giving away personal information on both public and private chat, even if both users agree on it.

1.5 - No posting YouTube links or any other links unless given specific permission from an administrator or moderator.

1.6 - No religious, political or suggestive discussions in public chat whatsoever. Religious and political discussion is allowed in private messages between those who have agreed to have such a discussion. You may state what your political / religious affiliation is, but don't go much farther than that in public chat.

1.7 - Do not offend others in any way, if you did without knowledge, please apologize kindly.

Chatmods & Admins

2.1 - No banning people for no reason, even if you let them back in immediately.

2.2 - No saying you are going to ban someone, unless they are disobeying the rules, and you really do need to ban them.

2.3 – No giving others chatmod status until discussing it with other admins.

2.4 - No taking away chatmod status unless a chatmod is misusing his powers, or breaking one of the other rules.